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Welcome Home

Union Missionary Baptist is large enough to serve Him, small enough to know you. It’s a blessing to welcome you to our church family, and we’re excited to meet you! Whether at Sunday Service or a community event, we pray you’ll find your home in the fellowship of our church. Below, you will find information to help you get to know more about us. We encourage you to reach out should you have any questions.

Our Beliefs
Our Family
Our Outreach
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Celebrate the word of God with us!

Services Times

Sunday School: 9:30am-10:30am

Intercessory Prayer: : 10:45am-11:00am Every Sunday

Worship Service: : 11:00am Every Sunday

Bible Study: : 7:00pm to 8:00pm Every Wednesday

2711 Princess Place Dr. Wilmington, NC 28405

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AT Union Missionary Baptist

You Are Family

We are “The Church That Love Built”, faithfully serving our Wilmington community for over 60 years. Under the guidance of Pastor James H. Nixon, the goal of each member is to make sure all who come feel accepted and loved so they may become compassionate loving Christians, empowered by Christ. We are about loving God and loving one another in a friendly, joyous atmosphere. We can’t wait to meet you!

Pastor: Rev. James H. Nixon
First Lady: Catherine Nixon

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Our Outreach

We are an active and vibrant community celebrating the gospel in many ways.

Bus is available.
Pick up is available (varies)
You don’t have to be a member of UMBC to be in the program. Space is based on availability.

HOURS OF OPERATION: 7am to 10pm Monday – Friday. 7am-4pm
When school is out: after school hours 1pm to 10pm.
Pick up at school (pre-K) 1:30PM and regular 2:30pm.
If there are vouchers the program will go by the hours on the voucher.

AGES: 4years old ( potty trained) – 12years. Call for availability.

CONTACT: Director Gabby (910) 797- 8748 available 3pm-7pm
Assistant : Christine Dowe (910) 782-7589 available 7am-6pm
Church Office UMBC Afterschool Phone : (910) 763-3006 Fax: (910) 833-5551 C/O Afterschool

Music and Arts Ministry
Brother Donti’ McQuillan

In gratitude, we willingly and purposefully submit our callings, gifts, talents and several abilities to Him.
Currently practice is on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.
Contact the Church’s Office for updates or changes prior. (910) 763-3006

Abundant Food Portions 2nd & 3rd Fridays of the month
Sister Doris Henry and Brother Allison Henry

Our goal is to help those in need with food. Our program is not just for the homeless and the jobless. We also supply food for the hard-working families that represent the backbone of our community. Many live paycheck to paycheck and they earn just enough not to qualify for government food assistance. We are also looking for volunteers to unload the trucks, set up and help with delivery to the nearby community.

Church Office hours ( 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday)

Transportation Ministry Deacon Miles Davidson

Our mission is to provide safe transportation in a spiritual environment to church affiliated services and/or functions to members and visitors.

Please Contact the Church office of UMBC (910) 763-3006

Deacon Miles Davidson

Our mission is to assist and support the Pastor with the work of the Ministry so he may be freely able to give wholly of himself in prayer and study of the Word. The main role of a Deacon/Deaconess is to serve.

It includes attending to the spiritual needs of our loved ones who are sick, shut-in, loved ones have departed, those who have decreased their attendance; even those who do not attend Church.

Please Contact the Church office UMBC (910) 763-3006

It is not easy to cope after a loved one dies. You will mourn and you will grieve. 
This Ministry offers comfort by way of encouragement and compassion whether by words or the mere presence of another to help in time of need to your family members following the death of your loved one. After the death of a beloved, the heart goes through a healing process.   We seek to help ease your pain.  After a funeral or memorial service, the calls and visitations cease. We will call and visit you. A support group will be incorporated and open to Union’s members and families.  Activities will be planned and announced ahead of time. We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to the following members:  Deaconess Vickie Coleman @ 910.515.0127 and Deacon Daryll Coleman @ 910.470.8969.

Our Location

We welcome you to visit our church. Find our campus location on the map.